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[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (August 1994)
Vol 8 No 6 August 1994: Programming in Basic09, Tuning a Burke & Burke HD, INFO! (qtip), More INFO! (Uptime)
Keywords: sector; qld; qtip; endif; file; byte; newsletter; devries; interleave; code; inala qld; gordon bentzen; bob devries; ultimuse iii; sector number; byte sectors; file called; rod holden; endif endif; file descriptor
Downloads: 56
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (July 1994)
Vol 8 No 5 July 1994: INFO! (dir), More on IBM-CoCo emulator, Compressor extensions, MM/1 Keysense function, Record locking, SCANF discussion, More INFO! (ded)
Keywords: copyright; file; program; coco; newsletter; software; directory; dir; fscanfo; orphanware; postscript file; collect actual; copyright owner; zach heilig; bob devries; rod holden; wild cards; james jones; planet engine; cmds directory
Downloads: 66
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (June 1994)
Vol 8 No 4 June 1994: CoCo 2 Emulator for the PC, INFO! (park/unpark), Sound on the MM/1, A free UNIX for PCs, RS232 on the CoCo, Computers & Model Railway (Basic09)
Keywords: coco; disk; emulator; usa; unix; virtural; print; newsletter; disks; australian; jwt enterprises; george mclintock; coco disk; virtural disk; coco disks; rod holden; users group; bob devries; serial port; farna systems
Downloads: 48
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (May 1994)
Vol 8 No 3 April/May 1994: OS9 BBS Sysop (D/L Library), OSK Screens, CoCo3 OS9 Fonts, CoCo 3 Hard Drives, Home Librarian (OSK)
Keywords: buffer; pak; newsletter; librarian; ibm; australian; bbs; catalog; card catalog; disk; users group; operating system; rod holden; gordon bentzen; bob devries; video tape; hard drive; catalog data; librarian package
Downloads: 59
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (March 1994)
Vol 8 No 2 March 1994: OS9 BBS Sysop (D/L Library), Bootsplit (OS9000 Changes), Sound Files (AIFF, WAV, IFF), Scientific Calculator (OS9/OSK)
Keywords: returns; hyperbolic; arc; australian; devries; matrix; bytes; newsletter; march; constants; scientific calculator; high octave; bob devries; logarithm base; arc hyperbolic; source code; coefficient matrix; display mode; rod holden; gordon bentzen
Downloads: 64
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (February 1994)
Vol 8 No 1 Jan/Feb 1994: OS9 BBS Sysop (More Comand), CLS Revisited (TERMCAP, OSK), Cluster's Last Stand, The SECAD Experience, Bootsplit (OSK
Keywords: file; cluster; char; osk; rbfman; secad; devries; clustering; newsletter; size; file descriptor; cluster size; hard drive; bob devries; free space; percentage point; rod holden
Downloads: 40
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (December 1993)
Vol 7 No 11 December 1993: OZ-OS9 BBS (Digitiz Program), How OS9 Boots, Converting Basic programmes
Keywords: print; startup; data; hexadecimal; input; newsletter; record; digitz; address; resistors; rod holden; print print; address field; bob devries; record field; starting execution; loadable data; data field; character pairs; memory loadable
Downloads: 43
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (November 1993)
Vol 7 No 10 November 1993: OZ-OS9 BBS (help), CoCo3 Hot Rod, OSK and OS9000 Public Domain, Undel Utility
Keywords: motorola; bbs; rod; newsletter; australian; hardware; jzh; disk; ftp; files; cross compilers; asked questions; hot rod; operating systems; pin grid; motorola bbs; shaun marolf; rod holden; bob devries; started building
Downloads: 44
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (October 1993)
Vol 7 No 9 October 1993: 6809 OS9 System Utilities (Save, Merge, Del, Makdir), OZ-OS9 BBS (ls), RSDOS BASIC Conversion, Atlanat CoCoFest, Internet
Keywords: error; ida; exit; beq; file; path; leax; rmb; save; equ; exit exit; xsave rmb; error message; rod holden; error path; path number; errsz equ; std error; bob devries; ttl enhanced
Downloads: 67
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (September 1993)
Vol 7 No 8 September 1993: OZ-OS9 BBS (DupFile), Removing TAB Characters, New OS9 Help Utility, Make, a compilation utility
Keywords: file; files; qld; xlc; newsletter; directory; tab; dependency; duplicated; dupfile; object files; gordon bentzen; dependency lines; link count; users group; bob devries; rod holden; three dependency
Downloads: 42
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (August 1993)
Vol 7 No 7 August 1993: OZ-OS9 BBS (JTree), A Basi09 menu programme, 6809 OS9 System Utilities (Link, Load, Unlink)
Keywords: error; endif; command; key; beq; gosub; cmpa; usergroup; equ; newsletter; typelang set; ttl enhanced; std error; rat key; error path; xsave rmb; save message; ron lammardo; error message; save start
Downloads: 42
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (July 1993)
Vol 7 No 6 July 1993: Get Next Window (getnw), Backup Utility (FHF, Floppy to Hard to Floppy), A Fern in 'C', OZ-OS9 BBS (Lotto)
Keywords: fhf; newsletter; disk; floppy; lotto; error; print; destination; getnw; australian; print print; hard drive; destination disk; current execution; option sets; source disk; bob devries; floppy drive; gordon bentzen; hard disk
Downloads: 44
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (June 1993)
Vol 7 No 5 June 1993: Merge Utility (Replacement), OS9 BBS (color - RiBBS), The Rocket ( A conversation with Chris Burke), Cash Register
Keywords: color; burke; printf; attr; usage; coco; file; newsletter; chicago; australian; bob devries; desk utilities; color computer; utilities menu; cash register; file file; users group
Downloads: 34
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (May 1993)
Vol 7 No 4 May 1993: Some More Shellplus Scripts, C Tutorial Chap 14, OS9 BBS, Rewrite (Utility to strip the front from a file), ORCHESTRA 90CC under OS9
Keywords: goto; echo; program; seme; deskmate; newsletter; display; file; script; dos; source code; gordon bentzen; goto repeat; onerr goto; bob devries; user group; rod holden; batch file; desk utilities
Downloads: 50
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (April 1993)
Vol 7 No 3 April 1993: Floptical Drives, C Tutorial Chap 13, Interleave Tester, ShellPlus Scripts
Keywords: mpfm; echo; goto; mpeg; ramdisk; pak; display; program; file manager; file; video decoder; utilities menu; picture file; desk utilities; mpfm supports; board support; motion picture; mpfm installation; support pak
Downloads: 40
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (March 1993)
Vol 7 No 2 March 1993: Del Vers7, OOPS, Now it won't boot! (XT-ROM), Window Writer cleanup (V1.2), Disk cataloger, FlashTalk modem, Portable CoCo, OS9 BBS
Keywords: data; ved; beq; ida; conect; file; dim; newsletter; stdin; australian; bob devries; window writer; continue parsing; desk utilities
Downloads: 44
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (February 1993)
Vol 7 No 1 Jan/Feb 1993: Questions/Answers (OS-9 FAQ) Saving B09 Windows, B09 Windows, C Tutorial Chap 12
Keywords: pointer; qld; data; microware; dynamic; dynamically; block; program; qld qld; dim; vic vic; tandy color; status call; screen type; microware systems; public domain; dynamic allocation; dynamically allocated; system call
Downloads: 63
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (December 1992)
Vol 6 No 11 December 1992: A C Tutorial Chap 11, Programming for new platforms (Amiga, Atari, Kix /30), NitrOS9, 2 Meg Upgrade
Keywords: variable; structure; variables; meg; data; clock; program; coco; define; named; file named; desk utilities; bank select; simple variables; three fields; meg upgrade; variable named; variables named; order bank; assigned values
Downloads: 40
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (November 1992)
Vol 6 No 10 November 1992: A SAVE from MultiVue, Thoughts on the MM/1, IDE Drives on the Colour Computer
Keywords: ide; coco; drives; martygoodman; mfm; general; disto; msg; file; australian; desk utilities; mfm drive; ide drives; ide controllers; public domain; hard drive; ide hard; ide controller; ide drive; ide host
Downloads: 35
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (October 1992)
Vol 6 No 9 October 1992: A C Tutorial Chap 10, FAT Display Program, OS9 Attitude, From the Librarian (Ed & Rev Numbers)
Keywords: file; program; commands; directory; system; newsletter; disk; command; filename; pointer; domain library; disk public; file pointer; system disk; bob devries; file allocation; allocation table; public domain; file named; development system
Downloads: 42
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (September 1992)
Vol 6 No 8 September 1992: A Patch to the Kernel, A C Tutorial Chap 9, More Patches (WindInt)
Keywords: program; input; newsletter; function; string; variable; file; output; data; integer; utilities menu; string variable; file named; desk utilities; standard output; bob devries; gordon bentzen; standard error; input buffer
Downloads: 39
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (August 1992)
Vol 6 No 7 August 1992: A C Tutorial Chap 9, Are your VEF pictures squashed?, Australian CoCoFEST!, Microware's 'pipelines', Hard Disk Interface Options, Add a 2nd port to your Deluxe RS-232 PAK, 6309 Bechmarks
Keywords: file; vef; burke; newsletter; command; program; printf; pin; solder; australian; bob devries; hard drive; standard input; hard disk; carriage return; gordon bentzen; file named
Downloads: 43
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (July 1992)
Vol 6 No 6 July 1992: Report on the Chicago CoCoFest,An OS9 Calendar Printer, Info on POWER BOOST
Keywords: coco; burke; int; printf; patches; australian; boost; newsletter; tdefine; chicago; speed increase; requires integer; power boost; chicago coco; chris burke; steve bjork; coco hardware; gordon bentzen; hard drive; ink jet
Downloads: 43
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (June 1992)
Vol 6 No 5 June 1992: A C Tutorial Chap 8, Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Jan-Dec '90), Converting Amiga 8SVI Sound for compatibility with PLAY, Verdisk - Disk verify command for OS9, More
Keywords: pointer; variable; prograi; char; file; froi; pointers; ida; newsletter; breakpoint; int type; disk drives; greg law; sound saiple; bob devries; lake sense; type variable; lain prograi; bcs error
Downloads: 41
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (May 1992)
Vol 6 No 4 May 1992: Send - Another Neat Utility, DeUnixification of Text Files, DUPing paths in OS9 C, MM/1 Expansion Information, A lesson in rationalization, OS-9 for Windows 3.0 or going portable, More on OS9 for Windows 3, CoCo3 Dhrystone rating, Floptical Drives!!???
Keywords: signal; char; oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo; australian; module; boisy; infomation; newsletter; usage; berrie; users group; gordon bentzen; peter tutelaers; bob devries; register int; text files
Downloads: 42
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (April 1992)
Vol 6 No 3 April 1992: OS-9 and the 6309, A C Tutorial Chap 7, Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Jan-Dec '89), The SCSI System 1.0, Uprgade Update (fabled L2)
Keywords: string; array; data; scsi; coco; newsletter; puckett; program; klssable; froa; scsi system; nonsense data; pucc internet; tpi disks; coco pucc; square brackets; hard drive; kevin darling; gordon bentzen
Downloads: 39
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (March 1992)
Vol 6 No 2 March 1992: The OS-9 L2 Upgrade Story, First impressions of the MM/1, A C Tutorial Chap 6, Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Jan-Dec '88)
Keywords: vsc; puckett; bbs; program; dale; coco; baud; fido; newsletter; sysop; main board; local telephone; galaxy gateway
Downloads: 50
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (February 1992)
Vol 6 No 1 Jan/Feb 1992: Trojan Horse for OS9?, Patch for Deldir, Patching Kevin Darling's GFX2, Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Jan-Dec '88), Modules in my OS9Boot, Create a Customized OS9 System Disk
Keywords: data; gime; coco; puckett; dale; newsletter; disk; kissable; gihe; australian; gime gime; gihe gime; bob devries; system disk; gime gihe
Downloads: 41
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (December 1991)
Vol 5 No 11 December 1991: Using Kevin Darling's GFX2, A C Tutorial Chap 5, An Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Jan-Dec '87), WPShel Product Description, File Size?
Keywords: function; variable; program; file; menu; klssable; wpshel; variables; puckett; newsletter; text file; opening brace; main program; bob devries; peter dibble; variable named; menu bar; global variable; function named; public domain
Downloads: 52
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (November 1991)
Vol 5 No 10 November 1991: Read RSDos BASIC tokenized files, A C Tutorial Chap 4 (Part 2), OSK Windows, An Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles (Aug '85 - Dec '86)
Keywords: screen; puckett; window; assigned; dale; variable; data; kissable; result; newsletter; utility room; question mark; window manager; third group; richard white; accessible applications; gordon bentzen; bob devries; current screen; puckett december
Downloads: 58
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (October 1991)
Vol 5 No 9 October 1991: A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 6), A C Tutorial Chap 4 (Part 1), Princeton University CoCo listserver, Mac Follies make us feel better, SCSI info for the MM/1, OSK PD Programmes from Europe
Keywords: coco; listserv; scsi; data; file; variables; program; loop; newsletter; integer; gordon bentzen; data types; floating point; user group; data type; mailing list; reference manual; type variables; bob devries
Downloads: 43
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (September 1991)
Vol 5 No 8 September 1991: A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 5), The OS9 File System, Utime.h header file for Kreider Library (Problem in PD Library), 68XXX Machines (Announcement), Smile! You're on Candid Camera (Emoticons)
Keywords: smiley; submitter; file; disk; bytes; directory; coco; byte; descriptor; pin; track disk; three bytes; file descriptor; lights punched; smiling face; track drive; hard disk; normal smiling; bob devries; three byte
Downloads: 48
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (August 1991)
Vol 5 No 7 August 1991: Where we stand on the MM/1, A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 4), A C Tutorial Chap 3, An Index of Rainbow OS9 Articles
Keywords: tne; loop; puckett; tnat; executed; kissabie; oss; software; stateaents; australian; frank hogg; technical potpourri
Downloads: 50
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (July 1991)
Vol 5 No 6 July 1991: A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 3), A C Tutorial Chap 2, FREE - A bug-free version (Part 2)
Keywords: print; bentzen; prograa; qld; bsr; newsletter; devries; endif; goto; ieax; executable stateaent; der poel; gordon bentzen; van der; bob devries; printf outputs; australian oss; oss newsletter; bentzen bob
Downloads: 57
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (June 1991)
Vol 5 No 5 June 1991: A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 2), A C Tutorial Chap 1, ERRATA - DIRL Correction from last issue, Clusters, Modpatch Problems, FREE - A bug-free version (Part 1)
Keywords: cluster; errata; file; sectors; print; coco; newsletter; disk; naae; australian; root directory; open capa; errata errata; exit exit; cluster size; beq open; error occured; free sectors; batch file; gordon bentzen
Downloads: 38
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (May 1991)
Vol 5 No 4 May 1991: A Basic09 Tutorial (Part 1), Introduction to the C Tutorial, STOP PRESS (Ipatch for serial mouse), DIRL (minor correction in V5 N5)
Keywords: prograi; vill; coipiier; newsletter; qld; nsv; screen; disk; van der; dir; include dir; dir size; bob van; mix coipiier; der poel; long integer; path nuaber; bob devries
Downloads: 43
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (April 1991)
Vol 5 No 3 April 1991: Getting SAS-sy with your Disks, Document files and MAN
Keywords: bitaap; disk; froa; sectors; file; australian; oss; newsletter; char; clustersize; oss newsletter; australian oss; disk space; hard disk
Downloads: 43
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (March 1991)
Vol 5 No 2 March 1991: Four Drives!, CoCo Windows Vs Windows 3.0, Basic09 Parameters, File De-fragmentor (Part 2)
Keywords: coco; device; module; newsletter; windows; screen; drive; australian; color; windowing; register int; physical screen; device windows; drive sel; device window; struct fildes; hard drive; drive select; operating system; multi tasking
Downloads: 40
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (February 1991)
Vol 5 No 1 February 1991: Patch Mfree for 1 Meg, Tutorial in 'C' Programming, File De-fragmentor (Part 1)
Keywords: stateaent; data; syntax; australian; prograaae; goto; aay; newsletter; soie; aeaory; bob van; aeaory block; user group; stateaent establishes; direct int; gordon bentzen; van der; bob devries
Downloads: 29
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (December 1990)
Vol 4 No 11 December 1990: Opstart - Use the same script to do different things, OS9 Profile to SDF Conversion, Hard Disk Backups, The New GFX2, Starting Multivue, Datamodules
Keywords: files; newsletter; dim; char; optstart; file; user; australian; december; disk; hard drive; gordon bentzen; user group; source code; hard disk; public domain; file format; spreadsheet file; window descriptor; garry holder
Downloads: 39
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (November 1990)
Vol 4 No 10 November 1990: Which Computer?, OS9 Tutorial (Part 2), Computer Languages
Keywords: disk; directory; foraat; file; startup; files; coco; froa; drive; data; file called; data directory
Downloads: 51
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (October 1990)
Vol 4 No 9 October 1990: Phantomgraph printer driver changes (DMP105/6), Basic09 Biomorphs and other mathematical mysteries, OS-9 Tutorial (Part 1), Dynacalc Patch
Keywords: disk; directory; data; file; dim; australian; endif; dir; newsletter; info; disk basic; data file; printer driver; australian personal; hard drive; sector error; bob devries; execution directory; data directory; current data
Downloads: 42
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (September 1990)
Vol 4 No 8 September 1990: Computer Widow, Disk File Fragmentation, Dynacalc Term String offsets, Modifications to printer drivers
Keywords: disk; yith; australian; string; newsletter; september; character; devries; aay; austral; direct cursor; cursor addressing; arrow character; bob devries
Downloads: 42
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (August 1990)
Vol 4 No 7 August 1990: Shell-scripts and the Menu programme, Introducing the MM/1, Installing a fan in your CoCo3
Keywords: paul; aenu; goto; tandy; newsletter; hark; froa; echo; baud; coco; serial port; frank hogg; color computer
Downloads: 47
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (July 1990)
Vol 4 No 6 July 1990: CC3Go and ShellPlus, How come my boot process takes so long?, Building a Boot Disk (Part 2), Check Book Programme, Window Directory
Keywords: print; reh; dim; files; disks; endif; boot; disk; print usins; newsletter; print clearcode; system disk; hard coded; reh check; user group; bob devries
Downloads: 39
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (June 1990)
Vol 4 No 5 June 1990: Creating a Boot Disk (Part 1), CoCo3 Boot List Order Bug (BLOB), OS-9 from the Beginning (Part 2)
Keywords: disk; boot; newsletter; gime; data; drive; australian; modpatch; devices; offset; step rate; double sided; system disk; disk drive; boot list
Downloads: 35
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (May 1990)
Vol 4 No 4 May 1990: Documentation for ZAP, OS-9 from the Begining (Part 1), Additions and Alterations, Finding Information About files
Keywords: disk; directory; sector; data; device; programme; user; file; descriptor; newsletter; system disk; lower case; track double; bob devries; double sided; valid sector; disk basic; current data; data directory; execution directory
Downloads: 32
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (April 1990)
Vol 4 No 3 April 1990: Basic09 Toys (CoCo OS9 Only), CC3IO and The ShellPlus Path Command
Keywords: devries; berrie; bob; newsletter; editorial; berne; gordon; bentzen; coco; ssc; bob devries; frank hogg; gordon bentzen; berrie bob; kevin darling; bob devnes
Downloads: 44
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (March 1990)
Vol 4 No 2 March 1990: Tax, Income and Investment, MVCanvas (Review), Module Identification (Various OS9 Modules), Modifications to CoCo OS9 Disk ZAP, Yet More Patches
Keywords: module; header; column; newsletter; mvcanvas; param; income; print; disk; australian; tax deducted; special version; ditto header; total income; input credits; tax free; packed version; user group; income tax; payment slip
Downloads: 46
[texts]Australian National OS9 Newsletter (February 1990)
Vol 4 No 1 February 1990: A Basic09 Database Programme, Shellscripts with Bells and Whistles
Keywords: print; gosub; endif; goto; seek; overlay; input; display; device window; dim; overlay windows; jules ambrosi; print print; color computer; press enter; window select; hard disk; overlay window; intertan australia
Downloads: 33
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